In the last few days, traffic for New Samsung Galaxy S8 is observed on the web. People have started searching for the device in great demand which is not available in the market yet. We should not even talk about the availability, but Samsung has not yet released any of the official news for this device.
Galaxy S8 will be having 16 core processor with the latest android version Key lime Pie. It will be featuring 5.2 inch display, 16 MP primary camera and 5 MP secondary camera. It will have 4 GB RAM and all the facilities like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, powerful battery and more new sensors which will be discussed after its release. The specifications of this device have started to be circulated on web at great speed; even bloggers have started making their own configuration.

Price of New Samsung Galaxy S8 still remains unknown. What can be the price of Galaxy S8 according to you? Post your view below in comments.

Company has learnt many things from its previous mistakes and will not try to repeat the same mistakes again. New Samsung Galaxy S8 will not disappoint Galaxy lovers; it will all new device with new design and features which will enter the market in 2017.